• Bisley Scope Maximiser

What ever the quality or value of the scope you own, the Scope Maximiser will improve its performance.   

The Scope Maximiser is designed to give you the maximum benefits from your scope.  By cupping the eye and obliterating exterior light this scope accessory forces the eye to adjust to obtain the maximum amount of light through the scope. Tests have resulted in extended use of twilight by up to 15 minutes. Suitable for spectacle wearers and most scopes.

How Does It Work?

The light in your scope tube will always be less than the surrounding light.  By obliterating all other light sources, your eye will adjust to make maximum use of the light through your scope.  It is the same as looking into a darkened room;  within seconds of stepping in the room, your eyes adjust and you can see much more than you could looking in from the outside.

Fitting Tip: 

Smear a small amount of powder inside the lip of the Maximiser, then push on to suit your eye relief and rotate to suit your shooting style and comfort.

The Scope Maximiser will fit 98% of scopes and suit most shooters, including left-handers and those wearing spectacles.

Increase your dawn and dusk shooting by up to 15 minutes of Extra Time.

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Bisley Scope Maximiser

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