• Newcon Optik LRM 1500spd Laser Range Finder Monocular

This Laser Range Finder Monocular is an advanced system that provides instant distance measurements consistently and accurately. The outstanding optics provide a sharp, clear image under all conditions. LRM is utilising a revolutionary digital design, which is outperforming any other product in its class and price range.

The unit send an invisible, eye safe laser beam pulses to the target. The returned beams are captured by the digital circuitry. The time differential allows us to calculate the distance to the target.

Product Features:

  • Often acquires target distance even through glass
  • "Last Target" measurement & last 10 readings recall
  • English & metric readings
  • Selectable reticle shape
  • Speed detection in both miles per hour or kilometers per hour
  • Automatic scanning mode as well as rain mode to decrease the chances of an irrelevant target acquisition
  • Over 100 m mode ignores readings closer than 100 meters for measuring from an area of brush

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Newcon Optik LRM 1500spd Laser Range Finder Monocular

  • Brand: AHI
  • Product Code: LRM1500SPD
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  • €400.00
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