The SagenSaw is a compact, lightweight field dressing saw that allows you to quickly and safely cut through the pelvic bone while cleaning big game without puncturing the colon or bladder. Also works wonders on rib cage and leg bones.

The SagenSaw I is sutible for use with deer, bear, hog, sheep and antelope. This popular tool is being used by over 300,000 hunters worldwide.

Whether you're an experienced hunter or if you just want to look like a pro, you'll discover that this indispensable tool helps you make quick, clean work of field dressing. Comes with a nylon sheath with belt attachment. You will find the SagenSaw to be one of the most valuable tools while out deer hunting.

Product Features;

  • Decreases cutting time
  • Safer than using hunting knife
  • Not as likely to rupture organs
  • Easy to carry
  • Works on deer and other game
  • Weighs only 4 ounces
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Comes with nylon sheath
  • Safely and quickly cuts the pelvis and rib cage while protectig the bladder and colon during field dressing

Using the Sagen Hunting Bone Saw

Note: Do not use the saw on anything other than animals - never on wood.

The Sagen Saw works on Deer, Goat, Moose, Bear, Wild Boar, Antelope and other big game.

To sever pelvic bone: Cut hide for a saw path. Place the saw in a vertical position from the animal’s body. Carefully insert the bumper-stopper between the bladder, colon and the pelvic bone. Using very short strokes, saw the pelvic bone from the bladder toward the tail utilizing pressure on the pull stroke, with very little pressure on the push stroke.

Using the SagenSaw

  • Let the saw do the work.
  • Don’t force the cut.
  • Always thoroughly clean your saw before and after each use.

To sever rib cage: Cut hide for saw path. Place the saw in a vertical position from the animal’s body and at the lower part of the sternum or rib cage. Saw toward the neck using pressure only on the pull stroke.

WARNING: Keep all body parts clear of the saw’s sharp teeth. To prevent injury, always carry saw in sheath when not in use.

Please note, sheath colour may vary from image shown

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SagenSaw I- Pelvic Bone and Rib Splitter

  • Brand: Sagen
  • Product Code: SSI
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  • €23.00

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