• Eley 410 Extra Long 3" Cartridges

The ultimate .410 load for the 3 inch chamber. The additional power has made this a natural choice for those who shoot .410 Partridge days as part of their game season. Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge.

The largest .410 ten load this is exactly formulated to deliver brilliant results in the field. A firm favorite with the .410 enthusiast the 3 inch product in and 18 gram load is more than enough to work well on .410 partridge days.

Product Features:

  • Calibre: 410
  • Cartridge Length: 3"
  • Qty per Box: 25 Cartridges


The Purchasing of Ammunition Online

In order to purchase ammunition online, you must:

  • Send your original certificate to us by post to:

    Active Hunting Ireland



    Co. Wexford


We will return the original firearms certificate immediately upon validation to you and make the necessary arrangements to ship the ammunition to the person named on the Firearms Certificate via secure courier.

Alternatively the certificate holder may on production of a certificate collect their ammunition from us at our retail shop in Inch, Gorey, Co Wexford.

We can only ship to the name and the address of the person on the licence and up to the quantity specified on the certificate.

If you have any queries on the above or wish to contact us, please phone 087 9022209

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Eley 410 Extra Long 3" Cartridges

  • Brand: Eley
  • Product Code: ELEY-410-3
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