• Savage Gear Cannibal 6cm Lure Kit 4 + 1 6g

These new and truly unique shads does not only have the most incredible lifelike swimming action they also possess an unparalleled appearance and colour combination, which takes soft lure production to a totally new level. The outstanding and artistic "cannibal" and UV appearance of these poured lures have proven so deadly during the field-testing and are certain to be a smash hit on Bass, Trout and Pike.

Savage Gear lures are the closest thing to a real fish or grub imitation and swim like the real thing under water. These innovative lures with removable rattles, and a clever moulded weight around the hook shank, gives a pelagic swimming action yet to be seen on any other soft lure.

Product Features:

  • Open mouth for superb effect
  • Superb 3D cannibal appearance
  • Rocking side-to-side motion
  • Life like swimming action

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Savage Gear Cannibal 6cm Lure Kit 4 + 1 6g

  • €5.50